How To Add Apps On Sharp Smart TV In 2023? [4 Easy Ways]

Do you want to maximize the capabilities of your Sharp Smart TV? Wondering, “How To Add Apps On Sharp Smart TV?” Well, you’re in the right place!

In this detailed tutorial, we’ll walk you through the full process of installing applications to your Smart TV so that you may simply develop or extend your entertainment horizons.

You have a world of options when you add programs to your Sharp Smart TV, whether you like to watch the newest shows online, locate educational apps, or even do a little casual gaming.

From the user-friendly VEWD App System to harnessing the power of the Google Play Store, we’ve got you covered.

In addition, we’ll cover common stumbling blocks, making this guide your one-stop reference for enhancing your TV viewing experience.

So let’s get started and set out on a quest to improve your TV viewing!

What Is Sharp Smart TV?

Discover the world of entertainment with Sharp Smart TV – a line of televisions by Sharp Corporation that operates on the Android TV platform.

The numerous streaming services available on these cutting-edge TVs, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and others, are easily accessible.

No additional streaming device is required thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi; you can just connect to the internet.

That’s not all, though. Get ready for a visual feast with features like 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR compatibility, and Dolby Atmos audio, all packed in several sizes to fit your home theater setup.

Key Features of Sharp Smart TV:

  • Android TV Operating System: Enjoy a vast selection of streaming apps and games at your fingertips.
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution: Immerse yourself in stunning picture quality with four times the pixels of Full HD.
  • HDR Support: Elevate your viewing experience with heightened contrast and richer colors for HDR content.
  • Dolby Atmos Sound: Immerse yourself in surround sound that places you right in the heart of the action.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Connect effortlessly to the online realm without the need for additional devices.

For those seeking an affordable and dependable smart TV loaded with features, Sharp TVs stand out as an excellent choice. Explore entertainment like never before!

Reasons For Adding Apps On Sharp Smart TV 

Unlock a world of possibilities by adding apps to your Sharp Smart TV. The motivations are diverse and compelling:

1. Access to Streaming Services:

While Sharp TVs arrive with popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video pre-installed, there’s a treasure trove of options beyond.

From Disney+ and HBO Max to Apple TV+, adding these apps broadens your streaming horizon, ensuring you never miss out on your cherished shows and movies.

2. Gaming Galore:

Transform your TV into a gaming hub with a selection of games tailored for Sharp TVs.

Whether you’re seeking solo adventures or group fun with friends and family, adding games introduces an engaging and interactive dimension to your entertainment repertoire.

3. Stay Informed:

Keep pace with current events through news and information apps tailored for Sharp TVs.

Stay up-to-date on news, weather, and more, right from the comfort of your living room – no need to reach for your phone.

4. Smart Home Management:

Elevate your home management by controlling smart devices like lights, thermostats, and locks through your Smart TV.

With the right apps, you can conveniently oversee your smart home ecosystem from the big screen.

5. Tailor Your Experience:

Adding apps allows for a personalized TV journey. Customize your Smart TV with apps catering to your preferred streaming services, game genres, news sources, and more.

Shape your TV to match your tastes and relish in curated content.

These motivations are just the tip of the iceberg, demonstrating why incorporating apps into your Sharp TV is a gateway to expanded functionality and enriched entertainment.

Discover new dimensions and redefine your TV experience effortlessly.

How To Add Apps On Sharp Smart TV Using VEWD App System? 

Adding apps to your Sharp Smart TV through the VEWD App System is a breeze. Follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Power Up and Navigate

Turn on your Sharp Smart TV and tap the Home button on your remote control.

Step 2: App Selection

Look for and select the Apps icon among the options.

Step 3: Enter VEWD App Store

The VEWD App Store will unveil itself.

You have two ways to proceed: explore apps by category using the Categories menu or expedite the process by using the Search bar to pinpoint a specific app.

Step 4: Choose And Install

Once you spot the desired app, click on it and press the OK button on your remote. This action initiates the download and installation process.

Step 5: Installation Completion

The app will download and install promptly. Upon completion, it will seamlessly integrate into your roster of apps.

Remember these additional pointers:

  • App availability can vary depending on your TV model and region, shaping the content you can access through the VEWD App Store.
  • You might need to make a new account or log in using your existing credentials in order to use some applications.
  • Stay vigilant about keeping your TV’s firmware updated, as certain apps may necessitate the latest software version for installation.

These procedures will enable you to access a variety of additional apps, enhancing your Smart TV experience.

How To Install Apps On Sharp Smart TV Using AppsNOW App System? 

Here’s your guide on installing apps on your Sharp Smart TV using the AppsNOW App System:

Step 1: Get Started

Begin by powering on your Sharp Smart TV and pressing the Home button on your remote control.

Step 2: Navigate to Apps

Spot and click on the Apps icon among the menu choices displayed.

Step 3: Enter The AppsNOW App Store

A world of apps awaits within the AppsNOW App Store.

You have two avenues: explore apps categorized by type through the Categories menu or expedite your search using the Search bar to find a specific app.

Step 4: Select and Install

Upon finding your desired app, give it a tap and press the OK button on your remote. This sets off the download and installation process.

Step 5: Completion and Integration

As the app downloads and installs, keep an eye out for its completion. Once done, the app seamlessly merges into your lineup.

Keep these pointers in mind too:

  • App availability on the AppsNOW App Store might vary depending on where you are and the model of your TV.
  • Some apps could necessitate creating a new account or logging in with your existing credentials.
  • Be mindful of keeping your TV’s firmware updated, as specific apps might require the latest software version for successful installation.

Now, let’s explore the differences between the VEWD App System and the AppsNOW App System:

  • VEWD App System: Boasting a wider app variety, this system offers a comprehensive app store experience.
  • AppsNOW App System: While it holds a smaller app selection, it’s focused on delivering apps optimized specifically for Sharp TVs.
  • Compatibility: The VEWD App System is compatible with all Smart TVs, while the AppsNOW App System caters primarily to newer models.

Ultimately, the choice between the two app stores boils down to your specific needs and preferences.

For a broad array of apps, the VEWD App System shines. If tailored apps optimized for your Smart TV are what you seek, the AppsNOW App System is the way to go.

How To Download Apps On Sharp Smart TV Using Google Play Store?

Here’s your guide on downloading apps to your Sharp Smart TV through the Google Play Store:

Step 1: Connect To The Internet

Ensure your Sharp Smart TV is linked to the internet for a smooth experience.

Step 2: Power Up and Navigate

Turn on your Sharp TV and tap the Home button on your remote control.

Step 3: App Access

Among the menu choices, find and click on the Apps icon.

Step 4: Enter Google Play Store

The gateway to apps, the Google Play Store app, will open its doors.

You have two routes: explore apps sorted by type via the Categories menu, or speed up your search using the Search bar to locate a particular app.

Step 5: Select And Install

Once you spot your desired app, click on it and hit the Install button.

Step 6: Download And Integration

The app will start its journey from download to installation. As it wraps up, it seamlessly slots into your lineup of apps.

Consider these points as well:

  • Google Play Store Availability: Not all Sharp TVs come with the Google Play Store app pre-installed. If your TV lacks it, there’s a workaround.
  • Sideload the App: To get around this, you can sideload the app onto your TV.
  • APK Download: Sideload by acquiring the app’s APK file from a third-party website.
  • Transfer and Install: After getting the APK file, transfer it to your TV via a USB drive or a file-sharing app.
  • Use the File Manager: Once on your TV, access the File Manager app to initiate the installation. Upon completion, the app seamlessly joins your collection.

By following these steps, you’ll have the apps you desire right on your Smart TV. Enjoy an enriched TV experience tailored to your preferences!

How To Add Apps On Sharp Smart TV Using Chromecast?

Curious about adding apps to your Sharp Smart TV using Chromecast? Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Internet And Chromecast Connection

Ensure both your Sharp Smart TV and your Chromecast device are on the same internet network.

Step 2: Google Home App Installation

Download the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 3: Sign In And Set Up

Open the Google Home app, sign in with your Google account, then tap the + icon at the top-left corner of your screen. Select “Set up device.

Step 4: Device Selection

Opt for “New device.” The app will scan for nearby devices. When your Chromecast device pops up, select it.

Step 5: TV Code Input

A code will appear on your TV screen via the Google Home app. Enter this code on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 6: Connection Established

The Google Home app will establish a connection with your Chromecast device.

Step 7: Start Casting

Once connected, use your smartphone or tablet to cast apps to your Sharp TV via Chromecast.

Keep these points in mind too:

  • App Compatibility: Not all apps work seamlessly with Chromecast. Confirm an app’s compatibility before attempting to cast it to your TV.
  • Casting Quality: The quality of your cast hinges on your internet connection. If your connection is slow, your cast might suffer from choppiness or pixelation.
  • Screen Mirroring: Besides app casting, Chromecast can mirror your smartphone or tablet screen on your TV. This is especially handy for watching videos, playing games, or delivering presentations on a larger display.

As you explore the world of app casting with Chromecast, remember these insights to make the most of your experience.

Troubleshooting Tips For Adding Apps On Sharp Smart TV

Encountering hiccups while adding apps to your Sharp Smart TV? Here are some hands-on troubleshooting tips to smoothen the process:

1. Stable Internet Check:

Confirm your TV’s internet connection is solid. A reliable link is essential.

2. Give It a Restart:

Sometimes, a straightforward reboot can work wonders in resolving issues.

3. Firmware Update:

Outdated firmware might lead to app-related glitches. Ensure your TV’s firmware is up-to-date.

4. Experiment with App Stores:

Remember, not all apps reside in all app stores. Switch things up by trying alternatives like the Google Play Store or the AppsNOW App Store.

5. Sideloading Option:

If the problem persists, sideloading the app could be the solution. This involves grabbing the app’s APK file from a third-party website and manually installing it onto your TV.

Additional Considerations:

  • App Compatibility: Remember that not all Sharp TVs are compatible with every app. It’s wise to check an app’s compatibility before attempting installation.
  • Account Necessity: Some apps might mandate the creation of a new account or logging in with your existing credentials.
  • Firmware Updates Matter: Certain apps could require the latest firmware version for successful installation.

By navigating these troubleshooting steps, you’ll be on the path to optimizing your app experience on your Smart TV.

Final Verdict

Your Sharp Smart TV turns into a doorway to individualized experiences in a world of entertainment options.

Whether you’re streaming, gaming, or staying informed, adding apps empowers you.

From the user-friendly VEWD App System to the tailored AppsNOW App System, explore the realm of content and connectivity.

Troubleshooting hiccups? We’ve got you covered.

Elevate your TV time and embrace the power of choice – it’s time to unlock the full potential of your Sharp Smart TV.

Enjoy the journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the AppsNOW App System available on all Sharp Smart TVs?

Ans: The AppsNOW App System is primarily available on newer Sharp Smart TV models.

Q2: Can I control my smart home devices using my Sharp Smart TV?

Ans: Yes, certain apps allow you to manage smart devices like lights and thermostats from your TV.

Q3: What do I do if an app isn’t working after installation?

Ans: Check your internet connection, update your TV’s firmware, and verify app compatibility. If issues persist, you can troubleshoot using our guide.

Q4: Are there any costs associated with adding apps to my Sharp Smart TV?

Ans: While some apps may be free, others might come with a price tag. Be sure to check the app’s details before installation.

Q5: Can I uninstall or remove apps from my Sharp Smart TV?

Ans: Yes, you can uninstall unwanted apps. Navigate to the app, press the options button, and select uninstall.

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