HitMeal App Review: Is it Worth Downloading In 2024?

There are several fitness applications available on the internet that may help you keep track of your healthy lifestyle. Among them, HitMeal is also a similar type of app. But before choosing this app the main question that arises in our mind is whether it is a good app or why we choose it and why not others. That’s why we’ve created this HitMeal app review guide!

Here we will show you everything about it such as its key features, customization options, pricing, advantages and disadvantages, etc. We will also include what other people think about this app, i.e. their reviews and ratings. In simple terms, we are going to show you everything that you need to know before you plan to try it! So get ready to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level and let’s get started!

Overview Of The HitMeal Calorie & Food Tracker App

HitMeal is a calorie counting and food tracker app designed to help you monitor your calorie intake and adjust your eating habits to reach your health and wellness goals. It is available for free on iOS devices. Here are some of its key features:

  • It allows you to log your food intake throughout the day and monitor your daily calorie consumption.
  • It has a large database that includes different foods making it easy to find and log what you eat.
  • This skips manual entry by using a barcode scanner to instantly add pre-packaged foods to your log.
  • Because of its user-friendly design, you can easily include it into your daily routine.
  • It allows you to set targets that match your calorie intake with your weight loss, weight gain or maintenance goals.

In simple words, if you are looking for a free and user-friendly app that helps you manage your calorie intake and reach your fitness goals then this is a great choice for you.

HitMeal App Review: Everything You Need To Know

Here is a more detailed review of the Hitmile app that includes everything you need to know:

1. User-Friendly Interface:

One of the standout features of the HitMeal Calorie & Food Tracker app is its remarkably user-friendly interface. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to navigate this app; it’s designed with simplicity in mind. As soon as you land on the home screen, you’re greeted with a clean and uncomplicated layout.

Here, you’ll find your daily calorie intake goal front and center, along with a real-time view of your progress toward that goal.  Additionally, your recent meals and snacks are neatly displayed, allowing you to keep tabs on your eating habits effortlessly. Adding a new meal or snack is a breeze – just tap the “+” button.

Whether you know the exact food item you consumed or prefer to browse, HitMeal’s extensive food database has you covered. Finding and logging your food has never been easier. Once you’ve added a food item, customization options abound. Adjust serving sizes with a few taps, and instantly view the calorie content.

Want to jot down a quick note about when and where you enjoyed your meal? You can do that too, making your tracking experience personal and informative. But wait! There’s more! HitMeal is more than just a meal journal. It comes with a host of features to help you enhance your tracking game.

Track your calorie intake over time with an easy-to-read graph, and set and conquer your fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle – HitMeal supports your journey to better health with ease.

In essence, the HitMeal Calorie & Food Tracker app is your trustworthy companion, giving an easy and amusing method to track your calorie intake. It’s an excellent alternative for anybody trying to track their food choices, whether for weight reduction, muscle building, or a better living in general.

2. Tracking Your Food Intake:

When it comes to achieving your fitness objectives, keeping a close eye on your food intake is paramount. Tracking your food consumption may be life-changing, whether your aim is weight loss, weight gain, or simply maintaining a balanced diet.

However, manually logging your meals, especially with diverse daily menus, can be quite a task. Enter the HitMeal App – your trusty sidekick in the quest for a healthier you. This app takes the hassle out of tracking your food intake and calorie consumption, making your fitness goals more attainable than ever.

So how does it function?

Using HitMeal to log your meals is a walk in the park:

  • Launch the app and head over to the “Food” tab.
  • Search for the food you consumed or simply scan its barcode.
  • Add the food to your log.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all your daily food items.

HitMeal’s food database is impressively vast and incredibly precise, so you can trust that you’re getting accurate calorie counts for every item you eat.

Tracking Your Calorie Intake:

Once your daily meals are logged, you can check your calorie intake effortlessly by navigating to the “My Diary” tab. Here, HitMeal displays your total calorie intake for the day and breaks it down by macronutrients – protein, carbs, and fat. Furthermore, if you are goal-oriented, you may create daily calorie objectives to retain concentration and keep your consumption in check.

In summary, the HitMeal App is your ideal companion for food and calorie tracking. It’s incredibly user-friendly, boasts a vast food database, and delivers pinpoint accuracy. Say goodbye to the complexities of manual tracking and hello to a simpler path to your fitness goals.

3. Meal Planning And Customization:

Meal planning can be a game-changer when it comes to saving both time and money in the kitchen, not to mention ensuring you’re on track for a balanced and healthy diet. And with the HitMeal App, meal planning becomes a breeze. With HitMeal, the process is as simple as slicing a cucumber. You can either craft your very own meal plan or take your pick from a selection of expertly curated plans designed by registered dietitians.

Here’s how to whip up a meal plan tailored just for you:

  • Open the app and head to the “Meal Plans” tab.
  • Tap the “+” button to embark on a culinary adventure with a new meal plan.
  • Name your meal plan and specify the number of meals and snacks you’d like to include.
  • Populate your plan with delicious food items by either searching in the database or scanning barcodes.
  • Fine-tune portion sizes to align with your calorie and macronutrient goals.
  • Finish the deal by clicking the “Save” button to save your culinary creation.

But here’s the fun part: HitMeal doesn’t just stop there. You can customize your plan to your heart’s content:

  • Add or subtract food items as your cravings demand.
  • Tweak portion sizes to keep your intake just right.
  • Swap ingredients for suitable alternatives, giving your meals a personal touch.
  • Sprinkle in notes to remind yourself of the special ingredients or flavors that make each dish unique.

Oh, and the app respects your dietary preferences too. It lets you filter your meal plans to cater to specific dietary needs, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free enthusiast, or chasing a low-carb lifestyle.

In conclusion, the HitMeal App is your trusty companion for meal planning and personalization. With a smorgasbord of meal plans and recipes catering to various tastes, it’s like having a personal chef right in your pocket.

4. Progress Tracking:

When it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, keeping an eye on your progress is key. Because of this, the HitMeal App offers a straightforward and user-friendly way for you to monitor your development into a healthier person.

How HitMeal Tracks Your Progress:

HitMeal simplifies progress tracking by offering several intuitive features:

  • Weight Tracking: With HitMeal, tracking your weight over time is simple. It’s a great method to see how your food and exercise habits affect your weight, which will keep you motivated.
  • Calorie Intake: HitMeal diligently logs your daily calorie intake, ensuring you stay on the right track toward your health goals. No more guesswork; you’ll know you’re consuming the right number of calories.
  • Macronutrient Intake: Are you unsure if your diet is balanced? HitMeal keeps track of your daily protein, carb, and fat intake for you. It is easy to get the ideal macronutrient balance.
  • Exercise Tracking: Curious about how your workouts are contributing to your health and fitness objectives? HitMeal lets you effortlessly monitor your exercise routine.

Customizable Features for Tailored Goals:

HitMeal doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. It empowers you to customize your goals to match your specific needs. For instance, if you’re aiming for weight loss, you can set a calorie deficit goal. Conversely, if you’re looking to gain weight, a calorie surplus goal is at your fingertips.

You may also fine-tune your macronutrient consumption targets. HitMeal adjusts to your tastes, whether you’re developing muscle with a high-protein diet or losing weight with a low-carb diet. In summary, HitMeal is your trusty companion for monitoring your progress toward a healthier lifestyle.

It provides a user-friendly means of achieving your health goals, with its varied monitoring features and personalized goals; say goodbye to guesswork and welcome a more educated and driven you!

5. Compatibility And Integration:

When it comes to tracking your fitness and health journey, convenience is essential. Because of this, HitMeal goes above and above to ensure that it is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms. No matter where you are or what device you have in hand, HitMeal has your back. When traveling or just moving between your favorite devices during the day, it makes the ideal companion.

So, what devices can you use HitMeal on? It’s as easy as pie:

  • iPhone: Whether you’re sporting the latest iOS version or have an older model, HitMeal requires iOS 14.0 or later.
  • iPod touch: Just like the iPhone, the iPod touch needs iOS 14.0 or later to run HitMeal seamlessly.
  • Mac: For Mac users, you’ll need macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac equipped with the Apple M1 chip or later.
  • Android: Android users, you’re in luck too! HitMeal is compatible with Android 6.0 and later, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

But HitMeal’s compatibility doesn’t stop there. It’s all about making your life easier, which is why it seamlessly integrates with some of the most popular fitness trackers and apps out there, including:

  • Apple Health
  • Google Fit
  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Noom

Imagine the simplicity of having all your health and fitness data in one place. For instance, if you’re sporting a Fitbit tracker, HitMeal effortlessly syncs your steps and activity data, giving you a holistic view of your well-being. Finally, HitMeal is your socially competent and technologically knowledgeable buddy.

Because of its compatibility with a number of devices and connectivity with top fitness trackers and applications, it is an excellent choice for persons committed to tracking their fitness and health journey without difficulty.

6. Pricing And Subscription Options:

Now, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic – pricing! HitMeal knows that when it comes to your health journey, you want options that fit your budget. So, here’s the lowdown on what they offer:

Free Version:

With the free version of HitMeal, you won’t miss out on the nutritional basics you need for tracking your diet. This includes:

  • A vast food database brimming with over 2 million foods.
  • The convenience of a barcode scanner for effortless food logging.
  • Calorie tracking keeps you on track with your consumption.
  • Macronutrient tracking, so you can balance your diet effectively.
  • Weight tracking and progress monitoring, your trusty companions on your fitness journey.
  • Maintaining control over your dietary choices through meal planning and recipe monitoring.

Premium Subscription:

For those ready to take their health and fitness to the next level, the premium subscription to HitMeal opens a treasure trove of enhanced features. Here’s the pricing breakdown:

  • Monthly: $9.99
  • Quarterly: $6.99/month
  • Yearly: $39.99/year

The premium subscription unlocks the following features:

  • Personalized meal plans and curated recipes, make healthy eating a breeze.
  • Advanced calorie and macronutrient tracking enables exact dietary management.
  • Streamlining your health data through integration with other fitness and wellness applications.
  • An ad-free experience, so you can focus on your wellness journey without distractions.

If you’re dedicated to your weight loss or muscle gain goals, the premium subscription is your ticket to success. It arms you with the tools and resources needed to conquer your fitness aspirations. Not sure if you’re ready to commit? HitMeal sweetens the deal with a free 7-day trial of the premium subscription. It’s the perfect opportunity to test the waters and see how the premium features align with your goals.

In closing, HitMeal is your trusty calorie and food tracker app, accommodating a range of budgets with its free and premium subscription options. The premium plan offers an extra layer of personalization, accuracy, and convenience to improve your road to wellness while the free version gives you all the tools you need to get started.

Note: The pricing information above is based on the App Store as of February 03, 2024. HitMeal may change its pricing at any time. Please check the App Store or its developer website (AIBY Inc) for the latest pricing information.

7. Pros And Cons:

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of HitMeal App that help you to make an informed decision:

  • Pros:

  • Easy to use: HitMeal welcomes you with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Tracking your food intake becomes a breeze, even if you’re not a professional.

  • Large food database: With a whopping 2 million foods at your fingertips, finding and tracking your favorite meals is a snap.

  • Barcode scanner: HitMeal simplifies food logging with its built-in barcode scanner. Just scan, and your meal is added to your food diary – quick and hassle-free.

  • Customizable goals: Tailor your health journey with HitMeal’s customizable calorie and macronutrient goals.

  • Integrations: HitMeal doesn’t work in isolation; it syncs seamlessly with other health and fitness apps like Apple Health and Google Fit.

  • Cons:

  • The Free version is limited: While HitMeal’s free version provides essential tools, it does come with some restrictions. You may encounter limits on the number of food items you can track per day.

  • Premium versions can be expensive: Compared to some other calorie tracking apps, the premium subscription of HitMeal does come with a higher price tag.

8. User Reviews And Ratings:

In the world of apps, ratings and reviews are the guiding stars. And when it comes to HitMeal, the stars are shining brightly. Both on the App Store and Google Play, HitMeal boasts an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars. That’s a testament to its user-friendly design and powerful tracking capabilities. Here’s what some of the users are raving about:

These first-hand reports demonstrate the app’s commitment to guaranteeing user satisfaction and the functionality of its features. They are not just stars; they are real people with genuine effects.

In summary, HitMeal has earned its stripes as a top-rated app, lauded for its user-friendliness, extensive food database, precise calorie counting, and valuable tracking features. It’s more than an app; it’s a trustworthy travel companion on the path to muscle growth, weight loss, or good eating.

Final Verdict On HitMeal App Review

In the world of calorie and food tracking software, HitMeals is distinguished as a user-friendly and adaptable solution to help you achieve your health and fitness objectives, which you have seen in this HitMeals app review article. Likewise with its intuitive interface, extensive food database, and useful features like a barcode scanner, keeping track of your nutrition has never been easier.

Your experience is further enhanced by the configurable objectives and easy integrations. However, it’s important to weigh the limitations of the free version against the benefits of the premium subscription.  Ultimately, HitMeal is your companion on the journey to a healthier, happier you.

Download HitMeal App

If you have read all the features, pros and cons, user reviews and ratings, etc., and now you want to download the Hitmeal Calories & Food Tracker app to lose or gain weight and track your daily exercise then click on the link given below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the HitMeal app worth it?

Ans: Absolutely! HitMeal offers an intuitive interface, an extensive food database, and valuable tracking features. It’s a worthy companion on your wellness journey.

Q2: How does the HitMeal app work?

Ans: HitMeal simplifies food tracking by allowing you to search, scan barcodes, and log your meals. It tracks your calorie and macronutrient intake, helps you set goals, and syncs with fitness apps for a comprehensive health overview.

Q3: Is HitMeal suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Ans: Absolutely! HitMeal offers customizable meal plans, including vegetarian and vegan options, to cater to various dietary preferences.

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